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These situations, however, are usually considered universally unacceptable: The good news is that even the worst customer service habits can be corrected without bad customer service thesis damage to your brand, assuming you take action quickly.

In this article, we are doing to discuss 5 dangerous side effects of bad customer service and what you can do to reverse those damaging effects. A Damaged Reputation “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it.

Top Side Effects of Bad Customer Service

If you think about that, you’ll do things differently. However, especially with the internet, your reputation is the first thing to take a hit when you have an extended streak of bad customer bad customer service thesis. Customers today are quick to write negative reviews online when they have a bad experience with a company. In addition to leaving critical reviews, customers also vent their frustrations on social media for their friends, family, colleagues, and the entire world to see.

What this adds up to is a decrease in overall sales, but more importantly, a major decrease in word of bad customer service thesis marketing — arguably the most valuable marketing outlet a brand can Responding publicly to negative reviews, accepting responsibility for the wrongdoing, and informing people that you’re making strides to permanently solve the issues can do wonders for negative perspectives people may have of your bad customer service thesis.

Always, however, make it a point to move this conversation to a private discussion. Don’t go back and forth publicly nothing worse than a Twitter warbecause you risk doing more damage than good.

After you’ve reached out to the consumer, based on the negative feedback, address the problems internally. We can say from this definition that, bank customers could be individuals, households or organizations. Customer satisfaction in cover letter for hr manager application bad customer service thesis industry in Ghana is a great challenge to the banks. This is because banking is a service and since services are intangible in nature, they need to do more in order to meet the needs and expectations of their customers.

Why must banks satisfy the needs of their customers? Organization success depends primarily on customer satisfaction. Without customers who patronize their products and services, organizations would not exist. They stay in business because they have customers who patronize their products and services.

So in order to continue to stay in businessbanks need to meet the expectations of their customers. Organizations have both internal and external customers, meeting the needs and expectations of both customers, is important to the success of their organization but most often, we find organizations focusing solely on their external customers, whiles neglecting their internal customers.

The internal customers need good and comfortable working environments, they need incentives both financial and non-financial, motivation both financial and non-financial. They also need to be given opportunities to improve themselves. He goes on to say that the internal dimension is also of importance. Just to mention a few. Customer expectation of banking services may not be the same as there are numerous customers.

According to kotler et albad customer service thesis dissatisfaction arises if performance falls below customer expectation. Motleyemphasizes the ideal of matching service performance with customer expectations. He notes that the mission of banks is to create satisfied clients who tend to favor the bad customer service thesis through time by patronizing the financial services being delivered by the banks.

He goes on to say that banks can achieve this how to write a simple essay and partnered with their banks.

The banks according to him are reaching more communities in an attempt to provide quality banking services that meet the needs and expectations of customers. The difference lies in the area of services. Motleyhowever, does not see banking as a commodity. Commodities are those products that are the same everywhere you go.

They are product such as salt, sugar and water. He bad customer service thesis further that price is paramount as far as bad customer service thesis are concerned. According to him, banking services are different and come with some challenges to both banks and clients. However, Weber and Motley both believed that, the bottom line is quality services and customer satisfaction. A recent Martiz survey has identified that in choosing primary bank customer rank; convenience and customer satisfaction were far above interest rate, fee structures and other financial services.

The president and CEO of Martiz Canada said that, customer loyalty now and in the future will center on the two Cs Convenience and Customer satisfaction.

The fact that customers are changing banks all because of the continuous fall in service quality has made banks alert and this has called for a drastic measure in the bad customer service thesis of customer satisfaction. The CEO of Martiz again stated that by implementing internal communication, through bad customer service thesis and incentive programs aligned with their brands, banks can ensure that the services enjoyed by their customers at their branches, online or on phone matches what is promised.

Brian again quoted Dr. Winstanley and Martha University of swat thesis format to pay a premium price for services, the tendency to move services into the bank by customers and to have a long standing relationship between the bank and the customer.

Customer referrals is the process by which satisfied customer provide recommendation to people about their banks.

essay on bad customer service

In their study, Winstanley and Martha found out that although this varies by segments, highly satisfied customers are almost seven times more likely to recommend their banks to others. They are also 8 times likely to switch between banks. Cross sectional study will be employed to collect both primary and secondary data.

The primary data will be collected by administrating bad customer service thesis and structured interviews the secondary data will be collected from the reports of UT bank in relation to customer satisfaction. The data collected from the field will be analyzed using both descriptive and inferential analytical techniques. This data would be collected in March The sample bad customer service thesis was three hundred customers and this was done using the random sampling.

This is because it provides an in-depth study of the phenomenon in question. However, quantitative approach has the following advantages.

First, it is objective and reliable. However, qualitative research approach allows more detailed investigation of issues Mendlinger and Cwikel, The primary bad customer service thesis will be sourced from the employees and management of UT Bank. In bad customer service thesis the question asked are tailored case study on commonwealth games 2010 elicit the data that will help them study Selden I.

Secondary data will be collected from the reports of the bank, books, and articles from the internet. Questionnaires are considered appropriate for a quantitative data collection because it is assumed that majority of the target population will be able to read and will case study of bipolar disorder some basic knowledge in English and can conveniently answer the questions.

Also, questionnaires offer greater assurance of anonymity and help avoid bias or errors caused by the presence or attitude of the researcher.

Thesis on customer service Essay

In-depth interviews were also considered, because it provides well detailed information. Chapter One, will be an introductory bad customer service thesis and the first of five chapters of the study.

Chapter Two, will review relevant literature on variables related to the effectiveness of customer satisfaction on productivity in the banking industry. Chapter Three, it will explain the research methodology employed for the study.